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Belmont Instrument Corporation Announces Sale of 1000th Belmont® buddy plus Fluid Warmer

Billerica, MA –
Aug 21 2009-

Belmont Instrument Corporation, a global developer, manufacturer and seller of infusion/warming devices used in critical care medicine, announced today the 1000th shipment of the Belmont buddy plus blood and fluid warmer to the U...
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Belmont Instrument Corporation Announces International Launch of The Belmont® Hyperthermia Pump

Billerica, MA-
Apr 16 2011- 

Introducing The Belmont® Hyperthermia Pump; a highly efficient, compact and easy-to-use system for rapid circulation of warmed fluid used for hyperthermic lavage...
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Belmont® Rapid Infuser Saves Life of Woman with Massive Bleeding

Nashville, TN - 
Oct 17 2008 - 

The Belmont® Rapid Infuser is credited with helping to save the life of a woman with massive hemorrhage resulting from a motor vehicle collision...
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Belmont® Rapid Infuser Helps Save Officers Life reports

Omaha, NE -
Aug 21 2008 -

The Belmont® Rapid Infuser, a medical device used extensively in Combat Support Hospitals to treat wounded soldiers, civilians, and enemy combatants in Iraq, is credited with helping to save the life of an Omaha, NE Police Officer...
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